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The Creators
Short film, 4 min, 2023
A group of creatures are researching and creating a world. It encourages the question why the world is ordered in the way that it is. And that creating something can be terribly hard work, even for the Creators.
Director    Madeleine Homan

Sound Designer   Kai McClymont

Composer   Tom Redburn

Animators   Madeleine Homan, Anya Butcher, Jess Jolliffe, Francisco Alvarez Simavilla (Paco)

'Short, Sharp, Simple & To The Point. Madeleine Homan nails the perfect SSS&TTP intro when her lead character arrives for work, ready to get down to business in her new film The Creators. There is more to pulling off these no-nonsense, micro-burst moments of essential action than meets the eye. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment of virtuosity comprising a single sound effect, five lines and a sublimely executed piece of minimalist animation. It’s a three second masterclass in the art of character intro which should be taught to all animation students.'

Malcolm Turner for London International Animation Festival

Winner Mo Award 🥇 Mo & Friese Children's Short Film Festival, Germany 2024

Selected for..

Tribeca Film Festival, United States 2024
Zagreb World of Animation Festival, Croatia 2024
London International Animation Festival, UK 2023
Primanima World Festival of First Animations, Hungary 2023 
Norwich International Film Festival, UK (Nominated for Best Animation) 2023
London International Short Film Festival, UK 2023 
Leuven Kort Film Festival, Belgium 2023
Foyle Film Festival, UK 2023
JEF, Belgium 2024
Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway 2024
Go Short, The Netherlands 2024
Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Germany 2024
Cardiff Animation Festival, Wales 2024
Indiejunior Lisboa, Portugal 2024
Leiden Shorts, Netherlands 2024
La Guarimba Film Festival, Italy 2024
Mo & Friese Children's Short Film Festival, Germany 2024
Selected for the British Animation Audience Awards 2024
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