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Swimming to the Moon
Short film, 5 min, 2018
Swimming to the Moon tells the story of Sam, a dreamy teenager who struggles with the disapproval of his father while he’s on his way to the mosque to perform the ‘Shahada’.
Director & Animator   Madeleine Homan

Producers Thijme   Grol & Julie Janssen

Screenwriters    Perla Vita Beerens & Elvira Porcceda

Cinematographer   Niels Lelieveld

Production Designer   Madeleine Homan

Art Director   Louka Hoogendijk

Puppetmaker   Maikel Samsom   

Special Prop   Maker Isa Soares 

Visual Effects Supervisor   Floris Meertens

Editor   Selle Sellink  

Sound Designers   Koos van der Vaart & Selle Sellink 

Composer   Tom Schipper

Selected for..

Klik Animation Festival, The Netherlands 2018
NFF, The Netherlands 2018 
Vers Awards, The Netherlands 2019 
St. Louis International Film Festival, The States 2019
Sharjah International Film Festival, United Arab Emirates

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